Autism Spectrum Condition

Butterfly Counselling Services is one of the leading providers for children and adults, specialising in counselling autistic and neurodivergent children, young people and adults.

Emotion emoticons used by a psychologist during a therapy session with a child with an autism spectrum disorder.

Children and Families

No child is the same, no family circumstances are the same either – whether that be practical constraints, financial circumstances or simply where you are with your child’s journey.

Every child with autism deserves support.

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Girls practice in the school of music


Siblings of a child with autism need help too. Children and their families are at the heart of everything we do and we are committed to helping both achieve a better quality of life.

Happier children, happier families.

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Happy mother playing blocks with little child

Parents & Carers

Seeing your child, or a child you care for, make progress, learn to communicate, grow in confidence and knowing how to manage their behaviours around other people is invaluable and also brings joy to every parent or carer.

Helping progress and communication.

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Woman talking to therapist on sofa at home


With autism specific counselling we tailor strategies to help clients cope, we use different therapeutic models, as well as different communication methods to ensure a bespoke service for the client.

Positive outcomes create happier adults.

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Group of school kids with pens and notebooks writing test in classroom


We help pupils, parents & school staff achieve positive outcomes for every child. Our work improves children’s mental health and delivers outcomes that are best for the child.

Happier children, better outcomes.

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Group of college students doing exam at classroom


We help students with autism improve their difficulties with communication, social skills, language, attention, motivation, effective learning and reduces challenging behaviours.

Increase awareness to help with emotional well-being and academic learning.

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Student in a lecture theatre taking notes


Mental health problems are common among students therefore it is crucial that autistic and neurodiverse students can access specialist support.

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Hands holding paper family cutout

Local Authorities

Working together with children, families and adults affected by autism spectrum condition who are in social care services. We help them to navigate life to keep stress and anxiety under control, hoping to minimise the need for long-term mental health support in the future.

Bringing families together.

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Young man sitting in office and working on desktop pc


Team members with autism can be amongst the most effective staff a business can have but their condition can also bring challenges for managers and the whole team – we can help provide the best environment for your team.

Happier staff, productive teams.

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