Counselling Therapy Services

Butterfly Counselling Services have many years of experience providing counselling therapy for children, adolescents, young people, parents, families and adults. Counselling and therapy can help and support clients with life challenges, increase client’s awareness and their sense of well-being.

A professional child education therapist having a meeting with a kid in a family support centre

Children and Families

Each child / young person and family are unique and because of this we integrate various therapeutic models based on your child’s needs.

Happier & confident children.

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Happy Parents With Little Daughter Sitting Together At Psycholigist's Office After Successful Family Therapy

Parents & Carers

Providing therapy for parents increases confidence in your decision making, parenting skills and stress management. Time for you to learn self-care and manage stress more effectively.

Happier parents, happier families.

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Close-up of woman's hands during counseling meeting with a professional therapist.


Butterfly Counselling Services provides a safe, non-judgemental, and structured space for clients to help them explore their feelings, thoughts, and behaviours with a unique approach for each individual.

For a happier life.

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Teacher asking a question to her class at a primary school


We provide support for children, staff and parents to enable every child to fulfill their potential. Each child is unique and we tailor our approach to the individual needs of the child.

Better attendance, improved outcomes.

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College students having discussion under tree on campus, preparing for exams


The transition to adulthood can be difficult. We understand the different ways that young people communicate and the different behaviours they may use to communicate.

Creating confident young people

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Smart young people study at the college


New challenges come along for students when they begin their university journey. It’s important for students to get the right support.

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Children learn to draw in the classroom

Local Authorities

Working together with children, families and adults who are in social care services. We help them to navigate life to keep stress and anxiety under control, hoping to minimise the need for long-term mental health support in the future.

Effective support for local authorities.

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Corporate team working colleagues working in modern office


Companies have become increasingly aware that happy team members make effective businesses and we can make a huge difference to the well-being of your staff.

Improving recruitment and staff retention.

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